Istanbul Mehmet 20″ MC Jazz Ride Sizzle

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Istanbul Mehmet 20″ MC Jazz Ride Sizzle


Istanbul Mehmet MC Jazz 20” Ride Sizzle Cymbal

The Istanbul Mehmet MC Jazz Series of cymbals have been designed for contemporary jazz drummers. Each of the cymbals from the Istanbul Mehmet MC Jazz Series have been designed to capture the sounds of unlathed Traditional Turk cymbals. The MC Jazz cymbals bring you a mixture of dark and dry sounds with lovely mellow overtones. Mehmet’s MC Jazz series are the perfect cymbals for jazz players that like to play traditional jazz. Great light-weight ride cymbals with a dark sound that will blend nicely with any type of music.


  • 20”


  • MC-CJ-RSZ20


Istanbul Mehmet 20" MC Jazz Ride Sizzle