Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit -Thermo-Aspen

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Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit -Thermo-Aspen

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Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit -Thermo-Aspen

1-person, Thermo-aspen, DIY, Modular Cabin, Sauna Kit

The Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit is a comfortable, spa-quality home sauna, all wrapped up in a 1-person, individual space. With its simple and low energy demand setup, its easy to use but also cost-effective to run. Showcasing a beautiful front glass wall and door, the Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit is the perfect way to bring the sauna experience into your environment. 

The Cala Mini is a 1-person home sauna kit made from northern European thermos-aspen wood. This premium-quality sauna features a full-glass front and 2-tier seating for a more comfortable and satisfying bathing experience. With its silky-smooth texture, rich tone, and no visible fasteners, this compact sauna showcases the impeccable attention to detail of a custom-built sauna. 

The quality of the Cala Mini indoor home sauna from Auroom is evident throughout with a professional grade stainless and wood door pull, robust hinges, and tempered glass front wall. Thermo-aspen is an excellent sauna wood with superior thermal properties and will not splinter, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment. 


  • Easy DIY cabin (3-4 hours with two people)
  • Premium glass door with metal-wood handle 
  • Luxurious glass wall to enhance the sauna experience 
  • Peaceful and relaxing feel 
  • Small Dimensions (easy to fit in any space) 
  • Horizontal Thermo-Aspen exterior and interior paneling (STP 0.59″x3.54″)
  • Flat bench to efficiently utilize the space  
  • Footrest for maximum comfortability
  • LED Light Strip for behind backrest that creates a wonderful ambiance 
  • Heater guard to match the interior 
  • Dimensions: 37.4″W (95cm) x 37.4″W (95cm) x 80.7″H (205cm)
  • Enhanced sauna experience with included premium accessories
    • Bucket + Ladle
    • Thermometer + Hygrometer
    • Sand Timer
    • Aroma Set
    • Sauna Hat
    • Sauna Pillow


Sauna Kit

  • Previously assembled wall elements
  • Base elements 
  • Corner posts 
  • Corner mouldings
  • Ceiling elements 
  • Cladding on 2 side walls
  • Bench supports
  • Upper bench frame
  • Lower bench frame
  • Lightshade
  • Backrest with LED Lights
  • Bench grids
  • Glass wall
  • Door frame
  • Tempered Door glass (8mm thick)
  • Metal-wood door handle
  • Metal hinges
  • Heater guard
  • Floor Grid
  • Finishing mouldings


  • Bucket
  • Ladle
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Sand Timer
  • Aroma Set
  • Sauna Hat
  • Sauna Pillow


Interior Finish Thermo-aspen
Exterior Finish Thermo-aspen
Exterior Panels Included 2 fully clad side panels
Floor Type Duckboard
Lighting Type LED Strip
Exterior Width 37.4″ (95cm)
Exterior Depth 37.4″ (95cm)
Exterior Height 80.7″ (205cm)
Weight ~
Glass Door
Glass Finish Clear
Style 8mm Tempered
Width 24.2″ (61.5cm)


  • Cala Mini Right 95X95
  • Cala Mini Left 95×95
  • 95×95 Cala Mini Screw Set
  • Auroom Limited Warranty
  • HUUM heaters make sauna stoves a work of art. The minimalist, round design lets the beauty of the stones show while adding a touch of elegance to your sauna.

    This 2-person cabin sauna offers 2 types of HUUM stoves and 3 different ways to control it.


    DROP: The organic and minimalist design of DROP heater takes up very little space and makes a statement piece of your sauna.

    KW: The DROP heater is available in 4.5KW and 6KW. The minimum recommended size for this particular sauna is 4.5KW. If you want more power with faster heating, opt for the 6KW.


    HUUM UKU Local: This is a wall-mounted controller that is connected to your heater and a range of sensors in your sauna to give you control over the temperature, steam, and lighting with the touch of a button. UKU local is available in a range of colors and also a wood option (handmade of thermo-ash). See UKU Glass below to get it in all-glass.

    HUUM UKU Wifi: UKU WiFi gives you mobile app control so you can control your sauna from the local panel and also on your smartphone from anywhere (as long as you have Wifi connection).

    HUUM UKU Glass: A streamlined all-glass panel in all-black for your local sauna control with Wifi controls included.


    Tasteful Design: An all-glass front facade and door provides an appearance of timeless splendor.

    Fits Anywhere You Need It: The Cala Glass has a compact shape that can fit most spaces while still providing a relaxing feel that’s never cramped.

    DIY Installation: Designed to be an easy and fast assembly that 2 people can finish in 4 to 6 hours.

    Peace-of-Mind Warranty: 2 year warranty

    Includes Everything You Need: Flat benches, backrests, heater guard, lightshade, installation manual, base elements, and more.


    Exterior Dimensions: 59″W (4’ 11”) x 59”D (4’ 11”) x 80.75″H (6’ 8.75”)

    Weight: 900lbs

    Material: Thermally Modified Aspen Wood




Auroom Cala Glass Mini Sauna Kit -Thermo-Aspen